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A Journey to Turning Inward

A Journey To Turning Inward is a transformational 10-week program that invites the mind & heart to heal and serves those ready to explore the purifying power of mindfulness & meditation.

During our time together, you will learn mindfulness techniques to help support you in your life-long evolution to well-being and find which practice works best for you and your lifestyle. You will discover that the journey inward is not about perfection but instead about building & progressing in ways that are sustainable and enjoyable for you.



You’d like dedicated support in establishing & implementing mindful routines into your daily life

You’re open to learning about a variety of mindful techniques

 You’d like to build sustainable foundations of spiritual, mental & emotional health

You’d like to explore your inner world on a deeper level

You’re seeking true, long-lasting happiness & freedom

A Journey to Turning Inward is for you if:

& Breathwork

Meditation & Breathwork

The powerful combination of personalized meditation and breathwork sessions allows you to connect with your true self and access your body’s innate healing abilities. 

Meditation & Breathwork can help if you:

Find it difficult to anchor into the present moment

Regularly suffer from anxiety or depression

Struggle to get adequate sleep

Need help decreasing negative, limiting thinking & beliefs

Are seeking inner peace & clarity around important life decisions



This offering provides you with a deeper understanding of the physical, spiritual, and emotional self, helping release deep-rooted emotions & trauma, and calming the mind, body & soul.



Energy Healing

Energy healing, also known as Reiki, uses the universal life force to improve your quality of life and restore balance to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Energy Healing can help if you:

Are seeking mental clarity

Are experiencing physical pain, discomfort, or ongoing fatigue

Would like to improve your overall mental health

Would like to reduce stress & anxiety

Would like to release stagnant energy & boost your mood


In these 1:1 sessions, I use your body’s energy systems and transmit the universal life-force energy through a series of hand positions—either on or above the body—and clear away stagnancy, energetic blocks, and negative emotions. Reiki helps you feel more connected to your body and in control of your thoughts and beliefs.

*Energy healing can also be done by distance, as it is not bound by space or time. Online sessions will generate the same results as in-person energy healing.



1:1 Intuitive Life & Leadership Coaching

My 1:1 coaching sessions are 100% personalized and tailored to support whichever journey of life you’re on.

1:1 Coaching is for you if:

You’re open to & are seeking spiritual & life guidance

You’re overwhelmed and require safe, nurturing support to help you navigate your healing journey

You need help moving forward with projects, goals & dreams

You want to improve personal relationships

You want to begin your healing journey but have no idea where to start


Our time together is designed to help you overcome mental, physical, emotional & spiritual barriers and release all that no longer serves you. I provide a safe space for you to explore the deepest parts of yourself and help guide you back to alignment with your highest potential. These sessions will help you connect to your intuition & trust your inner voice, find balance within every area of your life, and learn techniques to help you evolve into the most powerful version of yourself.



Mindful Mamas

Mindful Mamas offers gentle self-care for mothers and mothers-to-be. Ideal for Mamas seeking community and self-connection through the most beautiful yet stressful time of life.

Mindful Mamas can help if you:

You’re seeking e a more holistic approach to managing motherhood

You need help embracing the present moment & calming your mind

You want to reduce motherhood-related stress, anxiety & overwhelm

You’re seeking natural relief for pregnancy-related symptoms

You’re seeking a more calm & grounded birthing plan



This program is designed for every stage of motherhood and focuses on nutrition, incorporating mindfulness & breathing techniques for labor, and management of sleep deprivation & breastfeeding.



The Mindful Teen

As a licensed trauma-informed mindfulness facilitator, I work closely with children and adolescents across various school and community programs to help them navigate and overcome everyday worries, body image, and social issues. 

The Mindful Teen can help if:

Your teen wants help managing stress, anxiety, or depression

Your teen wants to improve sleep, focus, or concentration 

Your teen needs nurturing support to overcome body image & self-confidence issues

Your teen wants to learn how to thrive socially & make meaningful connections with their peers

Your teen is experiencing difficulties at home, socially, or in school


Many of the teens I work with feel they don’t fit in with their peers, making it difficult to connect with others and form lasting friendships leading to a noticeable drop in self-confidence and emotional and mental challenges. The Mindful Teen is a safe space for children and adolescents to build emotional resilience, connect and heal. They will build solid foundations for adulthood and learn how to recognize worry, cope with exams and everyday obstacles, make meaningful connections, believe in themselves, trust their unique qualities, and develop more mindful awareness, helping them flourish within every aspect of their lives.



Mindfulness, Meditation & Guidance for Teens

Words of love & gratitude

Sherry is a wonderful mindfulness facilitator! She was able to quickly understand and assess my personal needs as a mindfulness practitioner. I also loved how she provided a safe, non-judgmental space for all of us to practice. Through and after the 10 weeks session I was able to rekindle my own personal meditation journey. Sherry's mindfulness course reminded me that we truly have the ability to connect, breathe and dive deeper into what truly matters in life. Lastly, Sherry is a kind and loving facilitator who walks her talk! I am forever grateful to Sherry's light! 

My 10 week journey help me to prioritize a moment during the week to take care of myself - a moment of self-love. A wonderful time to reflect about my state of mind, be aware about my reactions and my behaviour. To create a routine to quite my mind and be aware of my feelings doing a quick check-ins after some breath-ins breath-outs. Unexpected, I found a group of incredible women in my class where we found a trustful space to share our moments of vulnerability and also celebrate our achievements with the facilitation of Sherry, who helped us to go deep in some discussions , using her facilitation skills to accommodate the emotions in a safe way.

Sherry's 10 week course was fantastic. Each session was different which kept it interesting, and each activity was one that you can easily transfer into everyday life and I was able to learn a lot. Sherry is very knowledgable, not least one of the kindest people I've met and hugely calming to be around! She makes you feel so comfortable and it's great to learn meditation and mindfullness with someone so passionate about it. Highly recommend.

Sherry has this unique ability of making people feel at ease, listened to and engaged while introducing thought-provoking questions and concepts. Sherry also complements the sessions with neuroscience factsheets, which helped me understand not only the spiritual aspect of mindfulness, but also the positive effects in my brain and body. 

Sherry is a wonderful, caring and experience coach. I recommend these sessions to anyone who thinks they can meditate alone but never do. This is accessible to every human with and without any experience in meditation.

Sherry was very patient and she made the process of learning and practicing mindfulness easy . During the 10 sessions I could easily communicate with her and the others about my feelings and emotions without being judged and I learned to be more aware of everything , less judged by myself and to accept everything that comes into my life.

It’s time to step into your power & allow yourself to be happy, flowing & free.


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